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World of Shantar D&D 5e House Rules

Version Alpha 0.01


Skill checks are modified only slightly from the core rules of the Players Handbook.

Trained Skill Checks

Some skill checks are considered to be challenging enough that unless you have specific proficiency or training, they would be very difficult to achieve. When a skill check is asked for that is "trained", if your character does not have proficiency in the skill, or proficiency with the tool kit if one is required, then you need to roll that skill with Disadvantage.

Tool Kit Proficiency After 1st Level

You can work towards proficiency with a Tool Kit (Armorsmithing Tools, Thieves Picks and Tools) during your downtime. After 250 days of downtime learning a tool proficiency, or 90 days training as an apprentice, you can roll a Charisma check DC 15. A success means you have gained proficiency. A failure means that you have failed to become proficient, but may re-roll the check after another 30 days (or a week if working as in an apprenticeship).

Master Artisans

Each time when you have succeeded three times in a skill check with a Tool Kit with a natural 20 success, you can make a Charisma check DC 20 to become a Master Artisan. A master artisan adds their proficiency bonus to skill checks related to that toolkit, and can make superior quality items using the toolkit. If you already add your proficiency bonus to skill rolls related to that item, you double your proficiency bonus when making these skill rolls (add the proficiency bonus in again). In your downtime you can train towards mastery. Each 250 days of hard work towards mastery counts as a critical success towards mastery.

Clarifications on Tool Use and Proficiency

  1. You have the required tools and you're proficient with them: roll skill check with your proficiency bonus.
  2. You have the required tools and you're not proficient with them: roll skill check with disadvantage if the task does not require proficiency. Otherwise no capability (no roll).
  3. You have improvised tools, and your proficient: roll skill check with proficiency bonus and disadvantage.
  4. You don't have the required tools: no capability (no roll).

New Tools

Advanced Climber Kit

Kit contains all the items within a normal climber's kit along with a belaying pulley, 10 carabiners, an ascending rig, and a figure eight descender. In addition to the standard benefits of a climber's kit, the advanced kit enables you to ascend climb with advantage and allows you to descend twice your normal movement by repelling. Cost: 20 gp