World of Shantar D&D 5e House Rules

Version Alpha 0.01


You may choose a domain whenever you make a choice on an alignment. Depending on what you choose as an alignment, you may be required to add one or more domains to your character, and you may be offered a choice in your domains.

Domains are very much like aspects, but you cannot normally choose them outside of picking an alignment. Whenever you choose a domain, it becomes a permanent part of your character. Domains allow you to choose additional aspects and powers that require them. They also may grant "magical effects" that you can use. However these benefits come with a cost. You must adhere to the code the aspects and edits of your alignment or suffer divine sanctions (see previous chapter).

You may add as many domains as are offered to you. However, if you cannot adhere to the code of even one of the domains, you suffer the consequences. Choosing a domain often commits you to a moral or spiritual path, one that will be hard to alter.

Domain Name Description
Family The Family domain focuses on protection and support of community and groups.
Fate The Fate domain gives you wisdom and insight into near and distant events, as well as the guiding forces manifesting current events.
Magic The Magic domain encompasses the secret knowledge and power behind magic and sorcery.
Seduction The Seduction domain focuses on both charm, influence, comfort, and manipulation.
Sun The Sun domain focuses on the vibrant positive life force that sustains all life and is the source of souls.
Waves The Waves domain focuses on both the great seas of the world, as well as the great astral sea.  It hides within it both death and resurrection.