Third Age of Man, the Golden Age

After a while, the threat of Timewraiths was forgotten, and the Isle of Skye became a kingdom with little influence. The once king became known as the Great Oracle of the Isle of Skye. A citizen nation known as Tolnedra grew to such power and soon the Senate of Tolnedra threatened the thronerooms of every nation. Many kingdoms are already Tolnedran republics, while others stand just outside Tolnedras reach. Behind the Senate of Tolnedra, other powers have even more political influence. The Assembly, a collection of noble mages, unite to once again collect all spell knowledge in one place of research. Mages of the Assembly, denoted by a black cloak and a royal purple sash, influence many kings and manipulate the Senate itself. One mage, Falstaff, a timeless archmage rumored once to one of the members of The Covenant fights the power of the Assembly and has established the Guild of the Golden Sash. A guild strongly allied with the Isle of Skye.