Age of the Elves, the birth of man...

A great struggle of religious differences within the Elvan Lands led to to two major factions, with one eventually being expelled from the Elvan Lands. These new Fallen-Ones, or Hum-ans were called as such because of their loss, and also because of their new way of living on the ground rather than in trees. This led to a new Hu-man way of life, and physical differences quickly evolved due to the drastically different lifestyle. Other races also evolved, notably the Guy-ans (Giants) on the mountains, and the Gorg-ans (Low Beings) under the Earth.

The new human settlements quickly spread, and eventually they learned to harvest the timber and resources of the forests to build homes. The continual destruction of the sacred Elvan Groves infuriated the elves, as the elves believed that eventually they elders gave their spirits to the trees in the groves during the Ritual of Joining and each cut tree destroyed the memory of an eldar. This conflict eventually came to a head in the First Great War, and the humans were quickly beaten and almost eraased from existence had a frozen ice age called The Great Blight not struck the land. This ice age lasted decades, and left the Elves fighting for their own survival. The frozen wastes seperated the races, and after generations the humans, elves, and gorgans became more distnct in their differences, as new sorceries, magics, and religious choices fractured the species even more. Under the earth, the Gorgan cultures fought over fewer and fewer non-flooded caverns, and the dark races first appeared, both amongst the elves, and the dwarves.

Some time before the end of the Great Blight, the humans made a Discovery of the Banes. These banes stored the knowledge for beings to draw raw energy from the outer planes and harness them. This led to the advent of Sorcery, otherwise known as the Witching of the People. From the ranks of apprentice sorcers, a few great sorcers arose and founded the Council of the Moon, a sect of arch-wizards whose purpose was to control the use of and to protect the cummulative knowledge of all sorcery, one for each month of the year. The council channeled all the power of the banes and formed obelisks dictating the secrets imparted by Xotli before his death, and now even forgotten by the Gods. These obelisks became known as the Covenants of Lore. One each for the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mind, and the new element brought about by the gods Illusion, or the ether. (NOTE: Planes, Life, Death, and Time).

With the establishment of the Council of the Moon came an age of enlightenment, and soon after an age of war and power never before seen amongst mortals. With this Second Great War (known as the War of Tears). Humans, Elves, and Gorgans fought against each other and against the Guyans (now known as the Venir), and finally forced the giants into the mountains and across the seas, while the humans retreated into the lowlands and into the forests. All races were devastated, but the Elves most of all, as their beloved Ahok (King) Treehart died when the great ancient grove fell to the fires of death. The Giants took possession of the covenants for Air, Earth, and Fire, leading to a mutation in their race which evolved into what we know as Storm, Stone, and Fire Giants.

Humans also suffered a great loss. After the end of the war the human populations settled into great city states dedicated to their respected gods. An internal struggle within the Council of the Moon led to the death of several members, and the Cracking of the One Barrier, a supernatural membrane between the eternals of life and death. Now the very dead could be called back to serve the living, and the remaining members of the council did not stop there. A few select sorcerers banded together to seek immortality in a new secret council called The Covenant. They pushed their research and knowledge, and drawing upon the banes they fashioned a spell binding time and life in their very grasp. Bound to the planes of both life and death, the Covenant called upon their powers and transformed themselves into immortals known as Timewraiths. But a few of the Council of the Moon members were horrified by this abuse of power, and stole away the remaining tablets of power and hid them across the lands while the Timewraiths discovered that their spell had gone horribly wrong, and the offense of the gods was laid upon them. Timewraiths now were cursed creatures, forced to walk the planes of death and chaos, leading a torturous existence with no end.

Of the remaining mortal members of the council, one member fulfilled his quest for immortality by forging life itself from the very essence of the nonliving. First Golems, and other horrid creations, then later a race of creatures known as Orcs was created, asexual warlike creatures with a short lifespan an even shorter temper. These creatures suffer from a painful method of reproduction, and the strongest survive and become eldars. Ock then forged a race of Trollocks to carry on his legacy. These creatures are all male, mutants who rely on magic to assist their reproduction with other species. While longer living, these Trollocks breed and strive to make a creature with the best of all qualities, a supreme perfect being to lead all these mutants against the creatures of the lands. Trollocks quickly enslaved the Orcs, and use them as laborers towards these ends. It is said that Ocks magic was so strong, he still lives somewhere within the recesses of time, surrounded by horrid mutations and awaiting the time to return and claim his victory.

The dwarves fought steadfast against the forces of evil from their now ancient city Irongate. However, the deceiver changed the hearts of some dwarves and the Duregar were born. A sneak attack upon their dwarven brethren and Irongate fell to the Duregar, and to this day the dwarves long to locate their ancient citadel and rid their birthplace of the Duregar thieves.

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