The War of Chaos

A great time passed while the races grew and developed new inventions and aspirations. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings lived in mixed pockets throughout the realm. very few Elvan Groves still sang out tales of lore, and the children of the Venir struck out to gain their own territory. The Timewraiths fell under the Shadow of Xotli and struck out with a singular desire to fulfil the lost prophecies that would end the gods-spell and destroy the Arc of Time, freeing them from their existence. From the combined powers of the Timewraiths' dark powers an Orb of Chaos was forged from the banes in the Earth, an artifact of power which could destroy time itself. The Timewraiths led a massive army of Orcs and Trollocks, with summoned Demons and the Ravers to lead them against the forces of order to destroy all that is. This began the War of Chaos where great swords of power were forged to defend the races of the land. In an epic battle, the Orb of Chaos was destroyed and the fragments were scattered across the planes. The timewraiths, weakened and defeated, vanished into the ether while profits told of their future return and eventual rejoining in a quest to again fulfill the prophecies and destroy the world.

The War of Chaos continued however, and in the end most of humanity was destroyed, and only a shadow of the original lore of sorcery remained. The demons were banished, and one Paladin, Ardon, stood as the protector of the Land. Ardon eventually ascended as a Ward, but in his lifetime established the foundation of the Isle of Skye, a small isle with a dedicated Ettal of druids dedicated to serving the order and stability of the world. A keep was erected upon the isle, and an emporer sat upon a throne to rule all kingdoms of the land.

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