The First Age - The Age of Dragons

With the dawn of the first age, the children of the titans ruled...dragons, faeries, nagan, and other powerful races. It is said that the Nagan, great serpents, were the first to master the secrets of the banestone and they were corrupted by it. What was a great unified race became several warring races of Nagan. Some retreated into the seas, some to the swamps, and some underground. They kept many of the other races as slaves and warred with one anothe. In time the great races thinned in number, and the races of elves, dwarves, and man grew in power as the nagan, dragons, and faeries retreated more and more to the realms beyond the veil.

It is said by some that the great pyramids found throughout the realm were once places of worship and power for the mighty nagan race, but none can ever be certain of this. One thing is certain, for centuries all bowed to the dominion of the Nagan, until over the ages the earth cooled and the Nagan were forced to abandon their great cities and retreat to more equatorial climates. While nagan never aged, many did succumb to death over time, and eventually their iron grip over all races slipped, and they were forced to share some of their secrets of power with their slaves as they no longer could travel in many realms.

Eventually, the Eldar grew in power and drew away from the Slaan, building great settlements of their own in the forests and hills. While some embraced the powers of the Celestials, others grew in power by the lore of Xotli or in the service of distant gods. Over the centuries the great settlements fractured over these religious differences.

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