The Age of Titans

...Early History in the Land

Rise of the Titans

In the days before time was measured and beings aged, the Titans moved through all realms. The Greater Titans created the heavens and the earth, the infinite plains and all the realms, known and unknown. Their first children rose from their vast powers and called the Lesser Titans, as they were only part of the whole. Dragons, Nagas, and the vast Elementals comprised a portion of the Lesser Titans. The Lesser Titans were fully carnate unlike their Greater Titan eldars. Time itself was as transient as days and nights, and all beings were immortal. The Lesser Titans thrived with their Elder cousins until the time of the Celestials.

Rise of the Celestials

The Celestials rose from the Titans, Lesser and Greater. Their number includes a great number who represented order and chaos, good and evil. These powers created dissention within the Titans, and the great War of the Titans proceeded. All realms knew destruction, and little by little the wonders of the universe were snuffed out and creation itself began to unravel.

The War of the Titans

In this great struggle, the balance of power shifted from realm to realm. For more than an eternity the war raged on. Great powers rose and receeded into the distant wastes.

and the Greater Titan Chronos was hurt and his power fractured. Time was measurable, and the children that rose from the Lesser Titans were born in mortal, carnate bodies.

The Illian War

Seeing the fabric of creation begin to unwind, the Celestials rose up against the Titans driving them into the distant planes of existance in a conflict known as the Illian War. One of the titans remained behind to stabilize creation and heal its wounds; Ahok-Bel-Tyr, mother-father of the earth. Also known as the War at Gods Retreat, this war was the greatest clash of the gods within the realms of creation. It is said that the earth was torn asunder, and the Arc of Time itself was rent with the wounding of the greater titan Chronos and perceived time was born into existence. Time was measurable, and the children that rose from the Lesser Titans were born in mortal, carnate bodies. In order to stop the destruction of all things, the Celestials wove a healing spell bound in seven seals which required their combined power to forge. This plane of existence was too fragile to support their powers, and another clash would destroy the order of the universe, so the Pale Vale was created, otherwise known as the Etheral Barrier, one which no immortal could ever pass through back into the mortal realm. Even then, the tear in the fabric of time could not be fully repaired, and time began to march forward, aging all things but the most powerful of gods and creatures. However, during the creation of this great spell, the acts of several gods shaped the world in dramatic ways.

Ahok-Bel-Tyr, the mother-father of the earth, transformed its dual existence to bring about the Healing of the Earth. By legend Ahok-Bel-Tyr bound his life with the sundered earth and brought life and rebirth to it. The body of Ahok-Bel-Tyr became the earth, the blood became the streams and rivers, the breath became air, and the mind bound with all things, bringing about the faerie planes of Twilight and Dawn. With the healing essence of a gods life the lakes, mountains, and moons of this world once again took shape, and soon the many folds of life once again took root in this world. However, the god was changed, and bound forever with the land.

Seeing opportunity and desiring to remove any capability for the Titans to destroy the great ark, the Celestial Ahmara set out to trick and steel the power of magic from the Titan Xotli, who was weakened after creating the Covenants of Lore. Ahmara set a naga upon Xotli as the last seal was being set upon the Pale Vale. The poison set quickly inside of Xotli who was quickly becomming paralyzed. Ahmara tried to coax the true names of power of all things from Xotli so he may cure him, but Xotli saw the trick and refused to give that power to Ahmara. Little by little his power drained from his body and where it spilt upon the ground banestone formed. Xotli, drained of power and paralyzed, was left only as a shadow of his anger and betrayal, and this shadow fell upon all the known planes and is still today called the Realms of Shadow.. Legend holds that those who die with their spirit tied to these realms feed the anger with their energy, and that one day the energy will one day be strong enough for the spirit of Xotli to rise again and he will destroy all life. Xotli, also called the Malicent, is still served by more than a dozen bodiless servants who do his bidding. Truly terrible demons, known as Feyarmaya "soul terrors" who seek to destroy the realm and free their god. Xotli is worshipped by necromancers who seek power or an alliance at any cost, even if it means their soul may be consumed. They seek a place of power within the shadow realm or their own immortality within this realm.

The attack on Xotli was also said to wound the spirit of Ahok-Bel-Tyr, who to this day is said to bleed from the mythological Heart of the World. It is said that this blood mixes with the clays and soils of the earth, and that the tasting of these mixtures can bestow the power of a god as a wish upon the drinker. Also, the fabled blood of Tyr mixed with certain metals like gold can cause them to change and become what is known today as Red Gold, a rare, hard, and easily enchantable metal which is cherished by sorcerers for power, and Elves as a religious and holy relic.

The Covenants of Lore was a gift of knowledge from Xotli to the Eldar and the other mortal races. Discovered long after his destruction and never fully realized, the gift of magic was known to all. Those races that spent lifetimes in the light of these covenants grew to be innately magical.

It is also known that Anan saw this shadow and forged the dwarves from the soil of Ahok-Bel-Tyrs blood in defense against the potential threat of magics. He felt that sorcery could enslave all, and that his dwarves would be vigilant against them.

With the last words of the all-gods-spell Thirteen Seals were put in place, and with the thirteenth seal all gods passed from this plane into the Astral Plane except Ahok-Bel-Tyr who was joined with the world forever, and Xotli, who was cursed to exist without being. This new Etheral Plane served as a barrier and warning to all who would attempt the power of the gods, limiting the domain of the mortals, and establishing the domain of the immortals, now known as the planes of the dead, where all mortals must pass.

The Elder Races

The Elders were the first of the races born on the cusp of the wounding of chronos. Nearly immortal, the Elder Races were the first ones. The race High-One is known as Elv-an in the common tongue, meaning high being. The prefix Elv- means both high and tree in many dialects. The word tree actually means true in the old dialect, which leads to the multiple meanings that these immortals were tree-dwelling beings, the true beings, and the highest order of creation from the gods.

Also, the Dwarv-an (meaning earth beings) race, as well as the younger Hu-man (Land beings) race, remained behind with the Pale Vale erected, to guard and care for all of creation. Those who were born of the Great and Lesser Titans in the arc of time were known as the Elder and Younger titans depending on their power and origin also stayed behind. It is said that a few of the titans may still yet remain in the realm of creation, paralyzed or sleeping into eternity, and their waking can destroy all.

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