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This site is offered as a free resource for Renegade 20 players to help build characters, design and promote campaigns, as well as share ideas with one another. While you can use this site to tailor your own individual campaign and custom characters, we hope you will join in this living world and help it grow.

This campaign has been active for more then 14 years, being one of the oldest online, and unfortunately at times one of the more chaotic. Like most Game Masters, I have bastardized concepts from numerous sources, and invented many on my own. However, many of the elements in this world have taken a life on their own beyond my initial inception, and I can not take credit for the creation of the world without acknowledging the limitless imagination and contributions of my players and all those who contributed.

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So, without further comment, please feel free to explore all we have to offer. Some of the information available requires you to sign up for a free account, as several of the host GMs here do not wish to share their secrets with their players, but will gladly share them with others! If you do sign up for an account, you will be able to use the character generator, message boards, and if you like host your own campaign!

What's new?
Lauching this new site! At the moment, there is very little material here, but soon enough the bulk of resources available to our previous site http://landsofskye.com will find their home here.